The courage to ask for constructive feedback is one of the central behaviours that successful leaders adopt. Likewise giving feedback is also an essential leadership skill required to propagate encouragement, provide guidance and to identify necessary corrective action. Emotional intelligence around communication is fundamental to the provision of effective feedback.

This course will assist leaders to identify effective feedback opportunities and demonstrate effective planning and delivery to maximize positive performance outcomes.



•        Recognise the links between performance improvement and feedback.

•        Outline the key characteristics of constructive feedback.

•        Identify opportunities to provide feedback.

•        Prepare and plan for a feedback discussion, including preparing a constructive feedback            message for ‘difficult’ discussions.

•        How to identify and respond to defensive reactions.

•        Explain the power of collaborative problem solving related to performance issues, and the          formulation of a SMART plan of action.



Two and a half hour instructor-led, classroom workshop.


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